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Pelegrine alpha 0.1 will be released very soon!

We need docwriters and release techs, please join us!

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We are looking for people to perform benchmark testing on Pelegrine, please join us!
Welcome To Pelegrine!

The Pelegrine Bulk Email Engine (PBEE) aims to be a feature rich, yet very fast and reliable communications component for any enterprise system. Pelegrine will have flatfile access features, as well as the ability to connect to almost any datasource. Built in template parsing, and easy to use GUI tools make this ideal for non-technical people to create bulk emails.

The Pelegrine Engine is based on the concept of "mailers". A mailer is simply a directory containing two key files - a template, and a props file. The props file is where you declare datasource access, define queries and variables, declare repeat mailings and times, etc.

Pelegrine is a multithreaded Java application that supports multiple SMTP servers, or "Server Farms", and handles load balancing and failover of the server farm in a round-robin fashion. This makes for incredible scalability and speed.

We are currently seeking help in all areas of development, so if you have something to offer, please let us know!